Saleena Au's Portfolio


Welcome to my website, which also contains my web portfolio.

I am currently working at University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut as their Digital Content Specialist for the Library Projects Office. One of my projects that I am working on is the development of a thesaurus of terms for the tagging system of their digital articles and books. The products that I have been using is part of the Voyager Integrated Library System (ILS) from ExLibris Group, which includes Primo, SFX, and Metalib. Another project in the works is the development of their digital repository, which uses Equella as their content management system.

I had worked part time as an Adult Reference Librarian at Middle Country Public Library located on Long Island. I thoroughly enjoy being able to assist patrons and fellow co-workers in answering their queries. As I worked my way up to a reference librarian in the past 9 years, I enjoyed learning the dynamics of a public library, and fully appreciate being able to work in such a well-known public library, as well as being able to advance my knowledge in public librarianship and librarian experience.

I have also worked temporarily at Columbia University' Libraries Digital Program Division as a Web Content Migration Assistant. I assisted in their migration of the webpages of their 29 libraries and numerous collections from their old content management system, FileNet, to their new system, DayCQ. In addition to migration, I also rearranged the website to maintain a consistency throughout the collection of libraries.

My goal is to combine my love for technology and my love for research and providing guidance in the ever evolving world of information. In addition to the interest in technology, my intellectual interests includes science, especially in the field of forensic science, medicine, and mathematics.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, read, watch anime and continue to expand my knowledge in current trends in technology.

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